I found love once and it happened as many people say: “Love will find you when you least expect it”. It was long time ago, I remember I arrived to a place where I didn’t know anyone but one person; I admit the first week was hard for me even if my friends back home won’t believe me. I have always being tagged as the easygoing and friendly boy. However, I didn’t feel comfortable yet to be myself.

Time has always been a problem. Every time I’m at a new “phase”… I feel a kind of energy or something is telling me… “C’mon, make the most of it” and I always have this picture on my mind of an hourglass putting upside-down. Well, we did it and we definitely made the most of it. We even started planning what we will do in the future; everything seemed so perfect. After all, we were a young couple ready to take the world by storm.

We were so happy and naïve at the same time that we forgot how fragile life is, and how the things can change in a minute. It only took a call for knowing he was gone forever and no one will see him again. Shattered dreams and long nights were frequent visitors.


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