September 10th


Driving back home from Denver.

I feel exhausted. Just that. It’s like every movement I make takes most of my energy. I just need to sit down, anywhere, to start  falling asleep almost immediately. It is a combination of physical and mental exhaustion but I’m not quite sure why I’ve been feeling this way. I think it can be due to all the changes I’m facing in my life right now. My whole world is moving so quickly that I’m still trying to keep up.

However, I have to admit that I’m enjoying this ride. Yes, I’m exhausted but damn I have a smile on my face so everything is worth it. Sometimes I get this feeling that I’m whether in a dream or a nightmare and then I realize this is my actual life! It’s crazy. I don’t know how to explain it. Good things, bad things, new things… I’ve never felt so alive before.

Right now, going through what I’m going through, I see life as a matter of perspective. That’s the stage I’m at in this moment. I think about life as a sketch that we’re making and we look at it very close, so close that we start to disregard the general idea, the foundation. Of course details are important but they’re nothing if we lose sight of their origin, to which they obey. So we need to take distance of the sketch thus we can see more clearly how is it going, what do we need to work on. We need to look at it from a new perspective.

In my case, I came to another country to get that new perspective. Taking distance (and what a long distance) seems to be helping me to fix a lot of issues. I can say it has worked really well.


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